Through the power of kindness, BearKind aims to make the greatest positive impact on society and our planet. Change is required at every layer: through the way we live our lives as individuals, how we run our businesses, how we take part in our own industries…

Paddington has been the world’s most beloved bear for over 60 years and continues to delight families around the world. Consequently, millions of Paddington items now live in our homes.


As homeowners too, and also guardians to the ‘effects of the brand’, we understand the necessity of decluttering and believe that when a toy is no longer needed, it is essential for it to live a second life and keep bringing joy to other families for as long as possible.


Toys and games are rarely accepted as part of kerbside household recycling collections in the UK, but there are so many other ways of recycling your toys that you may not know of yet.



Giving away toys your children no longer use is an act of kindness that can have a positive impact on so many levels:


It reduces waste and contributes to saving the planet


It declutters houses and helps children understand the value of material possessions


It gives children in need the opportunity to create memories with a toy another child no longer needs


Creating a donation plan as a family can become a special BearKind project in your household and help get everyone involved in the spirit of giving. You don’t have to choose just one place to donate, here are a few places you can find around you to donate toys and apparel you no longer use:


Places near you:

Please ensure you get in touch directly with your chosen local facility to check what they are currently accepting before you turn up with your donations.


Hospitals and Doctor’s surgeries

Many medical facilities accept gently used toys for their young patients to play with during their hospital stays or in waiting rooms. Your local hospital might have a toy wish list, posted on its website, that you can check for its exact needs.



Women’s shelters, as well as shelters for homeless people, will gladly take gently used toy donations. You might also be able to donate other items such as clothing, bedding and toiletries.


Religious Centres

From babies to school-age children, local religious centres often provide childcare services to a variety of children during services and other events.


Preschools and Day-cares

It is rare to find a day-care centre that is not in need of more toys! You can check with parents in your area to find one that will take your toy donations. The most needed items will likely be toys for young children.



Charity shops for toys, books, clothing, vintage items


Donating to charities is a perfect way to help people in your community. Your donations will be given directly to less fortunate children, help raise funds for the organisation, be sent to people in need (after a disaster for example) or will be sold for reuse overseas. Always contact your local charity shop to make sure they’re receiving donations.


This may vary depending on where you live in the world, but here are a few charities from the UK that could accept your Paddington donations:

The Salvation Army


Through the Salvation Army trading company, you can donate toys and clothes via their network of hundreds of charity shops.

British Heart Foundation


You can donate to the charity’s shops, book banks and support groups as they’re always looking for items to help the community. Make sure your toys donations are in top quality.

British Red Cross and Cancer Research UK


You should find one of the two charities’ shops in your local area as they have many donation points for you to give toys, books, clothes or vintage items such as your old beloved Paddington plush.

Toy-specialised charities


The Toy Project and Little Village are two amazing charities that believe unwanted toys should be recycled and allow for children of all communities to learn through play. Via toy drives and fundraising events, these charities help you spread kindness, which is definitely BearKind!