what inspires you?

BearKind aims to INSPIRE, with ideas and suggestions as to what we, our company, community, social group or club etc. can do…inspiring with the ‘not-so-obvious’, yet ‘easy-to-do’ ideas.

BearKind is not just about giving up a seat on the packed train or helping an elderly gentleman across the street…it’s also about the consistent, smaller, seemingly less obvious acts which we want to inspire everyone to do.

It might not go viral, it probably won’t make the news!

But wow!


How good do you feel?

Feel the hug? The buzz?


It’s a super power that we know has a far reaching and long term effect for all.

Already there are a tsunami of brilliant examples from around the world of this visible effect.


At the moment, we’re inspired by:


Capital One who are doing staging virtual summer coding camps to foster curiosity in more children, and


Twisted X who are crafting shoes out of rice husks, algae, cork and molasses.



These inspirations were brought to our attention from other #bearcivists around the world. Help us to inspire others by using #BearKind when you see something which inspires you!



Here are a few examples from our own partners:

Alongside internal changes, REDAN are also working with the PPA to constantly investigate new solutions and building best practice, such as to have circular, sustainable packaging and covermount gifts.



Amongst other things, Dennicci are using soy ink for its swing tickets, recycled polyester for wash care labels, recycled hangers and biodegradable plastic bags.


Read more about how Dennicci are planning to reach its 2025 targets for responsible sourcing and sustainability HERE.



This year, Kokomo are launching a 100% biodegradable Paddington toothbrush, which is a first in licensed children’s dental care.


Other items such as the Paddington bath and shower gel feature a pouch containing 65% less plastic than standard plastic bottles. MORE INFO…